Ambassador Prudence Bushnell: 'I Thought Twice I Was Going To Die' (VIDEO)

Ambassador Prudence Bushnell joined HuffPost Live Monday to share her reaction to the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya on September 11th.

Bushnell, who was nearly killed during an embassy attack in Kenya in 1998, said that hearing of the attack in Benghazi "was a horrifying day for me."

"I thought twice I was going to die in the building next door," she told HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, adding that she was almost asphyxiated from the smoke.

The ambassador recognized the dangers of working in countries in conflict, but said that "everyone deserves a safe workplace. Diplomats deserve a safe workplace. The issue is how do you get out of that workplace and conduct diplomacy when there is chaos around you."