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Embrace a Life of Freedom

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'Silhouette of the man resting on the rock, sunset, lake on the background. Toned.concepts: Freedom, Travel, ContemplatingSee also'
'Silhouette of the man resting on the rock, sunset, lake on the background. Toned.concepts: Freedom, Travel, ContemplatingSee also'

Most of us in the United States have just celebrated Independence Day. While this is a great time for food, family and fun, many people in the world today are struggling with the idea of personal freedom. The reason this concept is so difficult for most people to understand is because we have given our personal power away. We have allowed doubt, disappointments and dysfunction to rob us of destiny. Now is the time to reclaim your power and reach your greatest potential. I know the price and the process to personal freedom. Here are a few insights into embracing freedom that I learned on my journey.

1. Freedom is a decision. For many years I allowed myself to live in a prison. I lived in a psychological prison. When you live in this type of prison you live your life ruled by the never ending chatter going on in your conscience. Your thoughts start to speak so loudly that you lose sight of what liberty is all about. You find yourself living in confusion and living constricted. However, one day it occurred to me that freedom was a decision. I learned that the power was not in the circumstances that were occurring in my life. The power was in my ability to make a different choice. Choice is always the catalyst to change in your life. What choice do you need to make that can change the trajectory of your life forever? Decisions are always the portal to a different path.

2. Freedom is something that you will have to fight for. In history we learn of incredibly courageous people called freedom fighters. I am always so inspired by their stories and the fearlessness they possessed to produce great change. We understand that the liberties of a nation must be protected from threat. However, I am amazed at the number of people that do not understand the importance of protecting our personal freedom. I watch people give away their personal power. We allow people to ridicule, restrict and reduce our lives to mediocrity. You don't have to keep giving your power away. You can make a different choice and start fighting for change. No matter what fires we encounter in our lives freedom is always worth fighting for. Victory is always birthed out a decision to fight for the things that really matter.

3. Freedom is something that only you can define. When you take your personal power back you realize that we have allowed others to impose their own ideologies upon us. Do you have an authentic definition of freedom? I'm not talking about the definition that everyone has given you for freedom. I'm talking about the definition of freedom that you discovered on your own soul journey. What I know about freedom is that it is living life in the truth, on my own terms and without the threat of ridicule and retaliation. Freedom is coming to a place of self-awareness. It is understanding that you do not need the approval of others to live an authentic life. Right now I challenge you to create your own definition of freedom. It is often our definitions that disempower our lives. You must never look to the external for emancipation.

4. Freedom is something that you must protect. I'm known around the world as the soul coach. I'm known as the soul coach because I believe that success follows the soul that is set on fire. The soul is beautiful but it is often buried under layers of pain, dysfunction and wounds. As you get back to a place of freedom the soul is able to be free and you are able to live fully. However, you will encounter pressures and psychological patterns that try to pull you back into old seasons and cycles in your life. You must protect your freedom by purposely walking out your freedom. That means that you no longer entertain the things that enslaved you. That means that you cannot afford to allow anything toxic into your environment. This means keeping a mental picture of your definition of freedom. Freedom is ultimately dismissing everything from your life that does not reflect your definition of true freedom. What you do not secure will be stolen from you. Freedom is one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity.