Embrace Your Truth and Find Freedom

orange marker on truth word
orange marker on truth word

I was lucky enough to go to a great yoga class last week, and the instructor focused on truth.

Last year, there was a song on the radio called "Secrets" by Mary Lambert, and I adore it. If you know of the song, awesome. If you don't, check it out here:

There are so many words we can use to describe our inner beliefs and what we use to judge situations we come across every day: values, beliefs, truths, principles, guidelines, rules, standards, ethics, etc. Not until hearing that song did I start to realize that so many of us hold so many of our inner beliefs and values as almost a secret. We keep them so personal and close to our chest, only sharing them with those very close to us.

Why is that?

Why is it that the core pieces of what makes us each who we are inside are kept kind of "secret" from a large proportion of the people we encounter in life? Wouldn't it just be easier to almost publicize them when we first meet each other... and save us all a bunch of time, gossip, judgement, and trouble?

I'm not suggesting we all walk around with signs on us that advertise our inner-most selves to the world, but I do think that sharing them with our children, our coworkers and our new friends isn't such a bad idea. If we share our internal truths, we can each come closer to connecting with others holding similar truths.

Sounds good to me. My closest friends and loved ones feel strongly about many of the same things I feel strongly about. I believe in "living my truth" inside, but I'm going to also try harder to express those truths a bit clearer on the surface.

If you are having a hard time really grabbing on to what I am talking about, or if you want to make sure I'm really sharing these with others, below are some of my innate truths that I would like to share with my readers:

  • I try to love my job, or at least 80 percent of it -- no matter where I am working or what I am doing.
  • I will not maintain relationships with liars or cheaters. I believe those traits are vile.
  • I have a large fears of developing cancer or Alzheimer's, as well as our earth being destroyed.
  • I prefer to laugh/giggle/guffaw over almost any other activity.
  • I am a morning person with high energy and cannot (and will not) change that.
  • I like challenges and competitions, whether I admit it or not.
  • Of the jobs I have had to date, motherhood is by far the hardest.
  • I will be open and honest and expect the same in return.
  • If you aren't a hard worker, I will judge you inappropriately.
  • I have been materially privileged in life and do not think it's fair how so many other amazing human beings around the world are not.
  • You can learn something from every single person you meet.
  • We should all take care of this one body we have been given.
  • Ok- there are probably about 247 more, but you have no time or desire to know them all.

For the time being, sharing some of my truths in the right situations might just get me closer to surrounding myself with the right people and situations in life. I mean, who cares? Those truths are the essence of who we are.

And honestly, I would prefer everyone just know who I really am at my core -- good and bad.