Embrace Your Weakness

We all have those days... The days we question: Why? The days we sit and wonder: Why me? How will I make it work? Why am I this way? Or the days you feel the road is too long and you want to give up. You find yourself caught up in thoughts such as, I can't, I'm not, I shouldn't, I don't... We tend to focus so much on what we deem as weakness within us that we do not see that our weakness can actually be the source of our strength. Our weaknesses can be our road map to success, if we allow ourselves to embrace it fully. If Achilles knew his heel would render him mortal, our mythology and history would be starkly different. But we all see vulnerability as a weakness.

Know your weaknesses. Embrace your weaknesses. All of them. These qualities make you unique, these qualities make you who you are: These qualities make you human. Allow yourself to accept the areas that you feel make you fragile. Now ask yourself: If I could change this quality, how can I do that? More importantly, am I willing to change? Wanting to change and willing to change are two very different trains of thoughts. Many of us will spend days and nights on all the elements worrying about all of the elements we wish we could change. But few stand up and say, I am deciding to make a change. We must always decide and be willing to be the best version of ourselves. This means looking at all of your weaknesses and telling your heart what you will accept and what you will not accept. Let's look at a modern example and swipe through our qualities: I am shy -- swipe right, I will keep that one, makes me unique. I am not as fit as I would like to be -- swipe left. I will start with going for walks or playing a sport I like. Accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept.

If I asked you now to think about someone whom you admire, and tell me what you love about them. I am sure you could speak to his/her many accolades and qualities that you wish to accomplish, that you wish to be exactly like. Similarly, if I asked you to speak about someone you disliked, I am sure you could speak for hours about the numerous ways this person annoys you. However, if I now put this spotlight on you and asked you to tell me great qualities about you, tell me what you love about yourself, what would happen? Suddenly, your mouth would get dry, your mind would be plagued with all the things you feel you should not say, and you would not be able to give me such a large list. We must know our weaknesses, but we must always, always know our strengths.

Knowing your weakness is part of the battle, but capitalizing on your strengths and having confidence in each of them is what will allow you to win the war. We must be able to stand atop a mountain and roar with confidence, tell the world about all of the qualities that make us unstoppable. We must learn to love ourselves, and this love must be unconditional. Each day you should give yourself a reason to smile, each day you should tell yourself you are amazing. Once you find this love from within, you will find love in others and others will seek love in you. Embrace your weaknesses, lead with your strengths and always love yourself.