Embraced by the Spirit, or About Peonies and Ants


Sometimes, all we need is a gentle nudge, a kind word to keep the flame alive. Or an encouraging smile. To open up. Even an irritating presence would do the trick.

As I was thinking how to expand beyond the limits we impose on ourselves, I learnt about the peonies and ants. Before a peony unfurls its colorful petals, ants are attracted to the flower's sweet nectar. There are those who believe that food is the only reason for the insects to be on the floret, while others maintain that they are beneficial, nay, essential, for the bud-into-blossom process. Despite the pesky annoyance and uncomfortable gnawing, or perhaps because of it, the peony unfolds into a glorious bloom. Do we, humans, blossom in a similar way, by overcoming discomfort and pain? The process is slow. We need to be patient, and true to our highest potential.

When the Sun enters the constellation of yellow Gemini, I feel the sense of anticipation arising in me. Akin the excitement before the plane takes off. Days are longer and longer, the sunrays warmer and warmer. My sister's photo for the current week captures this freshness and eagerness to grow. To me, it also brings a touch of homesickness: the image was taken on a tiny river island close to my hometown in Slovenia.


I want to move on, but some old, unprocessed clutter is holding me back. I cannot fully spread my wings -- yet -- I'm still held on the ground by odd, heavy shadows. The inspiration is strong though, and the will to do is stirred up, too. Discard the remnants of the stuff, accumulated in the corners of the living quarters. Wipe away the emotional cobwebs lingering in the hidden nooks and crannies of the Soul's chambers.

Prepare to soar into the radiant Sun's heights. Let go to be free to shine. To enjoy a smooth ride through the glory of the Summer.

Alas! We need to be patient. It takes time and effort. We have to gently shimmy off old habits, vacuum away the accumulated debris. Breathe, and calmly weave the new garment. Steady. Step by step. New structure for a brighter self is emerging.

First, recognize the need for fresh air. Second, realize that you are the only one who can make the change. Or rather, the only thing you can transform is your own attitude. Third, once the adjustment happens within you, get active in the outer world. Schedule the steps you have to do. Yes, it's important to have a vision, and essential to create the strategy and the action plan. But remember that executing the items on the list is absolutely crucial. A must. No way around it.

We live in the material world where everything happens in time and through human effort. Work does not need to be drudgery. It can be fun. As human beings, we feel fulfilled by doing. If, of course, we shift the personal attitude and follow our vision. Voilà, we have come the full circle, another turn of the spiral.

Be inspired. Envision your creations. Engage with time and space and matter to bring your dreams to physical life.

Allow gentle nudges, kind words, even pesky annoyances to assist you. Open up to the embrace of the Spirit. Soften the tightness of your inner bud, see yourself blossom into a luscious flower. Like a peony.

Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
How will you allow yourself grow this week?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.