Embracing Acceptance and The Power to Choose

When you embrace the art of acceptance, you embrace your power within.
When you embrace the art of acceptance, you embrace your power within.

At some point in our lives, we've all been stuck. Being stuck is when you have a pretty good idea about what must be done, but there's no acceptance, and you just can't move forward to do it.

You know what your intuition is saying to you, but you just can't move. Why? You are stuck. Thoughts are running through your mind over and over, but you still aren't doing anything about it. The worst part is...you wait as if life is going to come along and work it out for you.

The reality is, you can never get the outcome you desire this way. Don't get me wrong, there are times when this approach is correct, especially if it's something that's not in your power to change; but most of the time we just don't have the courage to make a decision and utilize the power of acceptance.

Wise choices can result from a level of self-knowledge and understanding, particularly related to your goals, values and beliefs. Knowing your values helps you make choices consistent with things that are important.  Knowing your goals increases the likelihood of making wiser choices leading to achieving these goals. -Dr. Gloria J. Edmunds

That's what the bottom line is... courage. This has been the case for me many times in my life. And most of my decisions have been poor decisions. So, I had to look within to figure out why I wasn't winning. I discovered that I wasn't always clear on what I wanted, or what was best for my situation. Most of all, I didn't even think of 'acceptance' as being important.

And other times, I was just acting out of fear. Looking at the possible consequences kept me from moving forward. I was just scared to be a risk taker. Then, I realized "I can't stay where I am. I have to do one or the other." The last thing I want to do is take away control of the situation by becoming a victim.

But the question then becomes, "What if I rush into a decision and later regret it?" This is the craziness that runs through your head sometimes. Since I've been an entrepreneur and I've connected with many successful entrepreneurs, I've noticed how quickly they make decisions, stick with those decisions, and make them work.

They are true risk takers because they know that's what it takes to move forward. They do what is necessary because that's what it takes to be a game changer and power player. If you stand on the sidelines for too long, you'll miss out on a number of great opportunities, and that's just not going to fly in business.

Decision making a key factor in taking control of your life. It’s a skill that should be exercised by those who are impaired by it.

Some people just have it as an innate strength. Others require the use of self-development to build it up to become a strength. Practice makes progress, and the more you exercise this ability, the more control you will have in reaching your goals. Who can afford to wait around for things to happen? Not me. Fear should not be paralyzing you to the extent that you miss the boat or fall off track.

Here are some things to think about:

Cultivate new, positive behaviors and automate them. If you let go of old habits that aren't serving you gracefully, you can adapt new ones, and practice them so much that they become a second nature type of thing. 

Give yourself permission. You can give yourself permission to do many things, and sleep is one of them. Get as much rest as you need. No exceptions. Practice self-care on a daily basis because your health is a priority. 

Get rid of toxins. There's a quote I absolutely love that says "Make sure everybody in your "boat" is rowing and not drilling holes when you're not looking. Know your circle". If you have people in your life making more withdrawals instead of deposits, it's time to let them go. Accept that you may have to love them from a distance.

Let your heart lead. If you feel compelled by it, go for it! You'll never know what the outcome could be unless you dive in. You'll either sink or you'll swim, but you must first make a decision and act on it. 

When you can learn acceptance and celebrate life, then you are able to do more without being paralyzed by fear. Everything will not be in your control of course. This is a true fact. Your journey will have obstacles and challenges which will be out of your hands at times, but you can recover and move on. If you can have acceptance for all of this, you will be able to make tough decisions.

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