Feel the Fear and Make It Work for You

So can we make fear work for us? Can we embrace fear and use it as a driver to power through and achieve? The answer is yes!
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Is fear really so bad? Some people say that fear stops them from taking action in their life, which in turn sees them not achieving desired results and life just stands still. It's that feeling of when you're about to make a decision or do something where the outcome at that time is unknown because all you have control over is you.

Generally fear comes into the picture because there is a certain amount of risk attached to the situation. From losing money to having conflict with another, fear makes us hesitant to make a move, but when we don't make a move nothing changes. The reason for wanting to make a move is because we want things in our current situation to change.

So can we make fear work for us? Can we embrace fear and use it as a driver to power through and achieve? The answer is yes!

When fear pops into my head when I need a change and wanting to take action I ask myself two questions:

1. What is the worst possible outcome?
2. What is the best possible outcome?

Fear is the common feeling that both lazy non-action takers and massive action takers have. That's right... the lazy and the active have more in common than you think!

Lazy Non-Action Takers -- These people don't take action because they're afraid of failure, rejection and judgement. They focus on the worst possible outcome and they talk themselves into just staying where they are.

The conversation in their heads go like this... "Life isn't that bad, really. I mean, I live in a decent place, my partner is supportive and at least I have a job, most of my friends have been made redundant. I'm just being greedy and it's a real risk, It could ruin my life, really. Ok, yes best to just stay in this mediocre life and not ask for anything more." Okay so that last bit isn't usually included but I added it in because, at the end of the day, that's really what is being said.

Massive Action Takers -- These people take action because they're more afraid. They are afraid that if they don't take action that their lives won't change. They have a clear vision in their head of what their life should look like and they're not quite there yet... but they will be. They recognize that they were put on this earth to go on this awesome journey to ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction.

The conversation in their heads go like this, "This is going to take me to the next level in my life. While I recognize it's not always going to be easy I'm willing to put in the work to make an overall positive impact on my current situation. I'll be healthier and have more financial security so that I can support my family. I can already taste it and it's delicious."

See, fear can be used to stop action or motivate action. How does fear contribute to your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Feel the fear and make it work for you!

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