Embracing Your Age Is Key To Being Happy -- But There Are Things You Can Change (VIDEO)

What We Can And Can't Change At 50

There's no denying that Americans are obsessed with youth.

Feeling and looking young is a goal for many people as they reach their 50s, but when is it right to make alterations to your life in pursuit of youthfulness and when should you embrace yourself as you are? HuffPost Live's Dena Takruri got the scoop from clinical health psychologist Dr. Lori Stevic-Rust, author of "Greedy for Life: A Memoir on Aging with Gratitude."

"If you're walking around and there are things that you really are not happy with about yourself, you need to address them," Stevic-Rust said. "If that means changing a lifestyle, if that means changing a hair color, whatever that might mean, you should embrace that."

The reason those changes are a good idea, she said, is that appearance can have an enormous effect on how people feel about themselves. But Stevic-Rust added that it's essential to know what simply can't be changed and to learn to accept that.

"If it becomes, 'I won't be valued, I won't be respected, I won't get the job if, as a 50-year-old woman, I don't look like a 30-year-old woman,' it's just not possible," she said. "You can't turn back that clock. We need to look at it and embrace where we are today."

Check out the full conversation about aging with happiness at HuffPost Live HERE.

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