Embracing Your Plus Size


Smart phones have come a long way, and they've ultimately grown in size. I'm an Apple person, so my interest was the iPhone. I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus because I liked the idea of the screen size, and after returning from a recent trip, I found my present iPhone 5s was sorely lacking. It was considerably smaller, if not tiny, in comparison. Not to mention that the battery drained in the blink of an eye.

After my purchase of the iPhone 6 Plus, I began to realize that I was fumbling a lot because my hands were small and the phone felt clumsy in them. I set out to discover ways around this new size so that I could embrace it to it's full potential.

1. Bunker rings and kickstands- this discovery was a real find! These little gadgets can be attached to the back of a case or directly to the back of a smartphone for easy manipulation. It takes a learning curve, but you will be able to hold your phone in one hand and reach to the keyboard for texting with both thumbs. It also acts as a kickstand for hands-free operation.
2. Activate and use the Reachability feature on your smartphone. Once enabled, your screen will slide down halfway, and you will be able to easily reach the icons and keyboard.
3. A case made of thick rubber or leather will give you a sturdier grip and allow you to find unique ways to extend your fingers so that your phone adapts to your special handling.

I'm not going to let size get in the way of functionality. My recommendation would be to use the Reachability aspect as a temporary solution. It will give you a good idea on how you are using your phone so that you can make an educated decision on what you might purchase to help implement ease of use.