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Where To Buy An Emerald Green Couch On Any Budget

Find the perfect velvety couch for your space -- and your wallet.

If minimalistic Scandanivan style is starting to lose its charm for you, it might be time to embrace a more maximalist approach to your home decor. Believe it or not, those green velvet sofas you’ve seen all over Instagram might be a great place to start.

A green velvet couch make a serious statement with its rich emerald hue and luxurious look, and it can be dressed up or down to match your space depending on what you pair with it.

A green couch looks great with a blush pink accent chair or sapphire blue throw pillows. It’s also easy to find them in mid-century modern styles and with trendy gold hardware, if that’s more your vibe.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to find a nice emerald green couch on your budget. We’ve rounded up some of the most affordable styles every price point so you can find the perfect couch for your space, on your budget.

Take a look below:

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