EMERGENCY!!! Rescue Rev. Haggard's Website!

EMERGENCY!!! Rescue Rev. Haggard's Website!
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The website of the Rev. Ted Haggard's organization is shrinking faster than Karl Rove's allegedly enormous prowess will on Tuesday night!


Because the National Association of Evangelicals - which today accepted the resignation of their defrocked, disgraced priest leader "with regret" - have called in the "cleaners" to scrub their website of all trace of Haggard's name and face.

Virtually every page has been thoroughly reamed and.... whoops sorry - that's the Foley website.

Virtually every WEB-page has been thoroughly reamed and cleansed of references to Haggard.

So - HuffPo readers to the rescue!

There's no such thing as a fully deleted webpage. They live on in cache infamy somewhere.

So... please retrieve all the deleted content that you can - and save it to a new webpage somewhere.

Post the URLs of any and all rescued pages here.

And please do flag our attention to the wildest content you find!

Photos of Haggard with Bush and other GOP self-described "moralists" especially welcome!

Meanwhile - you can enter the new contest!

Spot the Born-Again, Drugged-Up, Gay-Hating Hypocrite!

(Thanks to HuffPo reader "bddavenport" for drawing my attention to the Amazing Disappearing Website.)

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