EMF Protection - Causes, Effects, Protection and Sleep Improvement

Electromagnetic telecommunication field pollution disrupts sleep and subsequently cell recovery. Sleep is not nearly as deep as it used to be regardless of age category. The simple reason is the pervasive telecommunications net.

If you don't sleep well, you are not alone. Several years ago a National Sleep Foundation study found nearly 2/3rd of participants slept poorly during the week. Meanwhile, autism and cancer incidence have skyrocketed during the 20 years of telecommunications proliferation.

In recent decades we are sleeping more and more poorly due to electric fields in the bedroom. However, since proliferation of wireless telecom fields in mid-1990’s, our human genome has reached a tipping-point. Sleep is failing in every age and socioeconomic category world-wide.

During the last 15 years the average person sleeps soundly 2 hours less per night or worse. This slowly kills body with critical impact on repair, immune function, memory & mental performance, psychological well-being, heart health and obesity.

For decades we know that sleep is better camping than in our own beds.The simple reason is sleeping off the grid or within weakest part of the power and tele-communications grid; outside “the Matrix” and sleeping in touch with the ground,... in touch with Mother Earth’s resonating 9.6 Hz low-Alpha frequency.

Luckily now, using PEMF therapy device EarthPulse, that has perfectly designed pulsed magnetic wave-form and frequency range, thousands of people have been Sleeping Their Way to Better Health with greater than 95% success rate. Learn more about EMF Protection using PEMF Therapy.

When sleep is deeper it provides better repair and recovery. We all need adequate nightly repair or our body breaks down & ages prematurely. It’s almost possible to Double your life span simply be sleeping better on either of these PEMF technologies that work synergistically with other EMF protection gear.

Sleep the way nature intended
Sleep the way nature intended
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