Emi Mamiya Allegedly Stabs Husband Over Bathroom Stink: Report

Woman Allegedly Stabs Husband Over Bathroom Stink

This situation stinks for everyone involved.

A Japanese woman faces attempted murder charges after she allegedly slashed her husband's face with a kitchen knife. Tokyo police said the attack was spurred by a stink that the victim left in the bathroom at their home in Otaku.

Emi Mamiya, 29, allegedly said her husband went to the bathroom and left an intolerably bad smell behind on the afternoon of April 12, according to Japanese wire service Jiji Press.

She also said the 34-year-old man then tried to help their 3-year-old use the toilet "without washing his own hands first," Agence France Presse reports.

According to TBS News, Mamiya became enraged and attacked the victim with a knife, leaving a 7-inch gash in his left cheek. Officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Mamiya at the scene.

She denies that she tried to kill her husband.

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