Emilia Clarke Has Sad Answer For What Happens To Drogon In 'Game Of Thrones'

The Mother of Dragons delivers the mother of all "Game of Thrones" bummers.

If you’re a fan of Drogon on “Game of Thrones,” prepare to feel burned.

In last year’s finale of the HBO fantasy show, the fan favorite dragon takes his mom Daenerys’ lifeless body away from King’s Landing. The last we hear, Drogon is supposedly heading off towards Volantis.

Numerous theories popped up after the episode, speculating that perhaps the dragon was looking for a Red Priestess to bring Daenerys back to life, or maybe he just ate her.

According to Emilia Clarke herself, it’s none of the above.

TV Line recently shared a nugget from journalist James Hibberd’s “Game of Thrones” oral history, “Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon,” revealing Clarke has a sad theory for what happened to her fire-breathing baby.

“I think he flies around with her body until it decomposes. I literally think he keeps flying until he can’t fly anymore,” she reportedly says in the book. “He just keeps grieving.”

Leave it to the Mother of Dragons to deliver the mother of all bummers.

Of course, Clarke may not know the dragon’s fate for sure. On the Season 8 Blu-ray commentary, she even mentioned to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss that she thought Drogon was going to eat her.

They denied it, but, hey, all that flying’s got to make a good boy hungry.