Emilia Clarke Talking Like A Valley Girl Is More Shocking Than 'Game Of Thrones'

If you thought the "Game of Thrones" finale was shocking, just get ready because this is, like, a whole situation.

Actress Emilia Clarke pretty much sounds like her character from "Game of Thrones" in real life, but in an instant on Monday she went from Khaleesi to Cali from the Valley. While stopping by to promote "Terminator Genisys," Clarke told Jimmy Kimmel about a time she broke out her Valley girl accent at a Home Depot to avoid being recognized while shopping for an air conditioner -- which makes sense, because Khaleesi is supposed to like the heat. The actress demonstrated the accent, which she credits to her love of the movie "Clueless," and everyone totally had a cow fer sher.

If the people of Westeros don't give her the Iron Throne now, then they're just a bunch of snobs and a half.

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