Watch These Dancers Capture Just How Heartbreaking 'Stay With Me' Truly Is

Earlier this week, we praised the beauty of a stunning ballet duet set to Sam Smith's heart-wrenching ballad "Stay With Me." While readers felt the impact of the song and appreciated the dancers' stunning abilities, a few commented that the studio performance lacked chemistry and emotion.

Enter dancers Emilio Dosal and Kelsey Landers, who opted to use Boyce Avenue's cover of Smith's hit as their catalyst. The evocative dance begins at a kitchen table, when an argument between lovers caught in relationship limbo leaves the realm of language and breaks into a succession of simultaneous tortured movements. The gestures blossom into a full blown dance, as the partners turn the dining room table and the empty living room into their stage.

To put it simply, things get hella emotional.

"This concept video is simply about love," the video's YouTube description explains. "More so the hardships & decisions you make when you are in love that affect your life. Here you have two best friends who have been more than just best friends for a while & one of them wants something more. While both people love each other one wants to continue what they have while the other wants to be official. Throughout the piece you see the struggle they both face in what they truly want & in the end one makes the decision that will affect their friendship & their lives."

If this one doesn't make you tear up a little, we don't know what can break your icy heart.

Ballet Dancers Changing the Landscape