Emily Blunt Is Basically Elsa From 'Frozen' In 'The Huntsman: Winter's War' Teaser (UPDATE)

Sister issues included.

UPDATE: The trailer is out and it's better than we ever expected. Emily Blunt turns people into ice, Charlize stuns in gold and Chastain and Hemsworth make out in a hot spring. What else could you want? 

PREVIOUSLY: "If it's a fairytale you're hoping for, prepare yourself for so much more."

So goes the voiceover in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming "Snow White and the Huntsman" follow-up, "The Huntsman: Winter's War," released on Tuesday. The official trailer arrives Wednesday, but for now, these 15 seconds of fantasy goodness will have to do. 

In the teaser, we get glimpses of all the major players. Chris Hemsworth, the eponymous Huntsman, smirks. Charlize Theron's The Evil Queen looks like she's a participant of an "America's Next Top Model" photo shoot gone wrong. Jessica Chastain wields some dangerous weaponry. 

Most notable, however, is Emily Blunt's appearance. The "Sicario" star plays the Ice Queen, The Evil Queen's long-lost sister, who has the ability to control all things icy. Is it just us, or is Blunt's character is channeling some serious live-action Elsa from "Frozen" vibes?

She's got sister issues galore, silvery blond hair and a penchant for dramatic gowns. What's more: she lives in a secluded icy palace, and doesn't seem to bothered by the cold (anyway)

Oh, and she uses a polar bear as her primary means of transportation. 

Total boss. 


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