'Emily Does Chicago': New Zealand Native Documents 365 Days In The Windy City One Clip At A Time (VIDEO)

WATCH: New Zealand Native Documents Chicago Clip-By-Clip

Summing up Chicago in a few images let alone a single one is a tall order, but one New Zealand transplant did a pretty incredible job in her recently-completed quest to document a year in the Windy City.

Architect Emily Oakley originally stated her year-long mission on her blog:

"I'm going to live in Chicago for a year. I plan to take a short video clip every day for 365 days and post it. At the end of the year I will make a 365 second video clip of 365 seconds, one second for each day."

Oakley recently compiled the fruits of her year-long project into a video (embedded above) of how she spent her year in Chicago, which shows her covering an impressive sampling of both tourist attractions and more quotidien activities.

The Windy City's more short-term visitors tend to return home with snapshots of the city's most familiar scenes, and Oakley's year-long video journal is no exception: scenes of Sue the T. Rex at the Field Museum, a game at the United Center and even some of that life-changing pizza the city is so famous for.

Yet among the more obvious "go, see, do" moments, there are some delightful scenes of the traveler exploring a Windy City Rollers bout, the Puetro Rican Day pride parade and the vitamin vault of the fanciest Walgreens in the nation (itself now a bit of a tourist draw) as well as serene snippers of Oakley riding her bike on the Lakefront Trial and commuting on the "L."

In her first post of the series on Jan. 23, 2012, Oakley wrote, "I am very much looking forward to living here and getting to know this beautiful city."

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