Emily Fuller, College Student, Survives Tuscaloosa And Joplin Tornadoes

A student University of Alabama survived both Tuscaloosa and Joplin tornadoes.

Emily Fuller, 20, was in school at the time of the Tuscaloosa tornado. After school was canceled for the rest of the semester, she headed for her hometown of Joplin, Missouri, where she was hit by another tornado. Both tornadoes missed her by about two blocks.

The Joplin Globe has more:

On April 27, Fuller was at her duplex in Tuscaloosa, where she is a student at the University of Alabama, when she heard the wail of the tornado sirens. It wasn't until her older sister, Jane, called from nearby Birmingham, Ala., that Fuller realized she should take cover.
Fast-forward about three weeks to the late afternoon of May 22. Fuller was home with her parents. She said that as the storm approached and the thunder swelled, she heard the tornado sirens, and this time she sprang into action.

"By that time, I was already scared because of what happened (in Tuscaloosa)," she said. "I actually took it seriously this time. I went downstairs and made my parents come with me."

Tornadoes in Alabama killed over 200 people in the state in April. Last week's Joplin tornado killed 132 people.