Emily Gould Responds To Lena Dunham's 'You Fully Suck' Twitter Message

Emily Gould Talks 'Friendship,' Lena Dunham Spat

Friendship author Emily Gould is known for her tendency to overshare, but it seems the Emily Books founder regrets the impact it's had on her relationship with fellow writer Lena Dunham.

In recent weeks, Gould has told multiple media outlets an anecdote of seeing the Girls writer at a mutual friend's Brooklyn Heights dinner party.

Girls showrunner Jenni Konnor tweeted that she'd like to read "something about Gould in this round of press where she isn't talking about this Dunham dinner party she attended," whereas, according to Gould herself, Lena Dunham direct messaged her on Twitter to say that "you fully suck" and that she was "going to promote your book but you need to get a better talk show story."

Weeks later, the former Gawker editor just wishes she'd never mentioned Dunham in the first place.

"I really wish that none of it had ever happened," she told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri. "I'm a big fan of hers. I really am and I always have been. It was really disappointing to me that she felt like, because I had been outspoken in interviews about being jealous of her, she felt like she couldn't support my book. I feel really hurt by it."

The anecdote in question detailed the 28-year-old Dunham engaging in "elaborate PDA" with her musician boyfriend, Jack Antonoff. While Gould admitted that if she was in her shoes, she may not've "behaved any differently," she still hoped for more from the actress.

"I think she's awesome and I'm disappointed that she's not like, the person I had wanted her to be," she said. "But, no one is."

Watch HuffPost Live's full conversation with Emily Gould below:

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