Emily Hartridge, British Blogger, On 10 Reasons Why She Loves Having Sisters (VIDEO)

Tabloids and reality TV may pit sisters against each other -- see the alleged Kate and Pippa wars -- but British video blogger Emily Hartridge is into her sisters, and she's not afraid to say so on the Internet. Hartridge, whose web series "10 Reasons Why" has covered everything from why you should date a younger man to why women cheat, turns her penchant for list making -- "everything in world can be explained in just 10 reasons" she informs her audience, before assuring them that this statement is completely unproven -- to the reasons she loves having sisters.

Hartridge -- who says in the video that she is one of four sisters and admits to being the "least affectionate one" -- offers reasons ranging from the practical (being able to "borrow" clothes and tampons) to the silly ("regardless of how much a wanker I am to my sisters once a month they're going to be supportive") to the sweet ("whenever and wherever I need them they will be there"). Two of her sisters even play supporting roles in the video, showing up for Emily in her time of need "ham or cheese" and, in classic little sister fashion, jumping out from behind doors to spook her. Watch the video above to the end (it's worth it), then send it to your own sister(s) -- even if, like Hartridge, you're the least affectionate of your siblings. Nothing says "I love you but in a get-off-of-me, non-mushy way" like a YouTube link.



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