Emily Hartridge, British Blogger, On 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Younger Man (VIDEO)

10 Reasons You Should Date Someone Younger

There are reasons that many women date older men. Yes, it's a holdover from the era of arranged marriages, but we also know that men mature socially and emotionally later than women. Thus the latter is probably a pretty good reason to look up the age bracket for a romantic partner. Still, video blogger Emily Hartridge isn't into it -- in fact, she advocates just the opposite.

"There's something in this younger man thing," she declares in her video "10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Younger Man." The seven-minute spot is just one episode in Hartridge's web series "10 Reasons Why." She's previously discussed reasons that men and women cheat, reasons you should get married and reasons dating sucks.

Hartridge has a lot to say on the subject of having a younger boy-toy. Her arguments include:
--It makes you feel more in charge. "You just get to boss the sh*t out of someone all the time," she says.
--Younger guys just try harder.
--You can pretend you're not really the age you are.
--Your apartment will probably be better.
--A younger partner will have more energy ... for sex.
--It's just more fun!

Hartridge does over-generalize -- not every woman likes to boss her significant other around, and dating an older man doesn't have to mean letting him make all of the decisions, but the video represents Hartridge's view of relationship dynamics -- illustrated with some pretty entertaining on-camera antics. Our only question is, why does her pretend video boyfriend call her "Monkey"?

How do you feel about dating someone younger than you (male or female)? Let us know in the comments!

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