Emily Hartridge, British TV Personality, On '10 Reasons Why Dating Sucks' (VIDEO)

For anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time single and looking, here's a quick summary of the thoughts that time-honored mating ritual we know as dating can produce:

How do I even find someone worth going on a date with? When I do, where will we go? Who will pay? Will we even be able to find a two-hour block of time in which we're both free? What if I'm not attracted right away -- does that mean I'm not attracted period? Is it always bad to have sex on the first date? If it miraculously goes well, should I call or text after? How soon?

It's exhausting -- so much so that British TV personality Emily Hartridge decided to blow the whistle on just how difficult, even absurd, the process of finding and wooing a significant other can be.

In her "10 Reasons Why" YouTube series, Hartridge has previously tackled topics like marriage, dieting, being drunk at work and plastic surgery, but her latest video hits it out of the park. As Hartridge puts it: "[Dating] is supposed to be enjoyable and exciting and romantic, but you know what? That's f**king bullsh*t. I think ... it sucks."

Why? Here are a few of the reasons Hartridge outlines:

--As you get older, there's no point in dating someone you can't see impregnating you.
--You always feel like you need to "play it cool."
--Dating is like an interview for sex.
--The end of a date can be REALLY awkward.

Watch the full video and tell us -- would you add anything to this list? Or is dating really not all that bad?



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