This Video Will Make You Root For Homecoming Queen Finalist Who Has Down Syndrome

You'll Root For This Homecoming Queen Finalist

With her easygoing personality and friendly smile, it's no wonder Emily Jacobs was elected to her school's homecoming court.

The 17-year-old senior also has Down syndrome, Patch reports, but that hasn't stopped her from winning over her classmates in Rochester Hills, Mich.

"I was jumping up and down," she said about finding out she is a finalist for homecoming queen. The winners will be named at Friday's football game.

It's not just Emily's classmates who are rallying behind her. A local shop provided a dress for the dance, and as she tried it on at Flirty Fashions, teachers came with her.

"We knew a lot of people supported Emily, but we didn't realize how many people were behind her," Cheryl Jacobs, Emily's mom, told Patch.

"I'm looking forward to go out there and show them what I got," Emily said.

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