Emily Mariko: You Can't Have Her Life, But You Can Have Her Stuff

We may never be as put together as the viral TikTok star, but we can at least try with these kitchen, home and wellness products.
Lifestyle vlogger Emily Mariko has captured the internet recently.
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Lifestyle vlogger Emily Mariko has captured the internet recently.

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, then you’ve likely stumbled across Emily Mariko.

The lifestyle vlogger has gone viral on the app in recent weeks mostly thanks to her homemade salmon bowl, which is just as much a visual meditation as it is meal inspiration.

Mariko delicately combines leftover salmon with rice, puts an ice cube in the middle, places waxed paper over the food and microwaves it. She then retrieves it and tosses the ice cube, which steams the rice but doesn’t melt (witchcraft!). She combines the rice and salmon with a fork and tops it with soy sauce, Kewpie mayo, sriracha and a sliced avocado. She then eats the bowl with seaweed, offering a wide-eyed smile as she crunches into her concoction.

Sure, the recipe looks ridiculously satisfying, but that’s not why Mariko has captivated practically the entire internet. Her other posts ― which include more meals, mini vlogs, farmer’s market hauls and cleaning videos ― are also addictive. There’s something about Mariko’s presence that just makes you think, “This girl has her life together in a way I never could.”

That said, it’s always worth a try. Right? Part of what makes Mariko’s routines and meals possible are the tools she uses. Below are some kitchen gadgets, along with some home and wellness items, similar to the ones that make an appearance in Mariko’s videos. While we can’t guarantee they’ll magically turn you into her, it’s basically the next best thing.

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Waxed paper sheets
A crucial item in the salmon bowl recipe.

Get a pack of 500 sheets for $15.95.
Glass storage containers
Because nothing says "I'm a well-adjusted adult" like aesthetically-pleasing countertop storage.

Get a four pack for $39.87.
Uniform spice jars
Bonus if you store them all neatly in a drawer.

Get a 12 pack for $15.87.
Ceramic knives
Smoothly chop your food with this useful set (Mariko watchers might recognize the red ones).

Get a three piece set for $69.
Nonstick baking sheets
Use to roast fresh veggies, chicken and more.

Get a two pack for $24.17.
A nonstick cookware set
This Caraway set is the one Mariko uses. It's investment, but a worthy one. It also comes in other colors like gray and terracotta.

Get it for $395
Storage jars
Comes with airtight lids to keep your produce fresh.

Get a two pack for $29.99. (Also available in multiple sizes!)
Large salad spinner
Use this to clean and dry those farmer's market greens.

Get one for $26.71.
Stove counter gap covers
Users went wild after seeing these in one of Mariko's videos. Prevent food scraps from falling through the cracks with this handy tool. Simply place between your stove and your countertop.

Get a pack for $23.99.
A staple in Mariko's kitchen.

Get a set for $11.99.
A powerful blender
This Vitamix blender is seen in Mariko's TikToks. Your smoothies will never be the same.

Get it for $524.95, or grab Mariko's copper version for $599.95.
A vegetable peeler
Peel and thinly slice your vegetables (like cucumbers!) with this little device.

Get it for $10.98.
A garlic press
This simple gadget has made an appearance in many of Mariko's videos. It chops garlic cloves with extreme ease.

Get one for $17.99.
A rice cooker
Rice is a constant in Mariko's cooking videos, and eagle-eye viewers noticed her rice cooker looked like the Tiger JAJ-A55U model.

Get it for $147.89.
Kewpie Mayonnaise
The essential salmon bowl ingredient.

Get it for $5.99.
Large bowls
What good is a Mariko-inspired meal without a pretty plate to eat it from? These wide bowls are perfect for all of your dishes.

Get a set of four for $25.49.
Food storage containers
Keep your leftovers protected and your fridge looking like an influencer's with these glass containers and snap-on lids.

Get a set of nine for $32.99.
Gray asymmetrical tank top
The Line By K
As seen on Mariko in a salmon bowl video, of course.

Get it for $75.
Hot pink workout tank
Another Mariko signature: Matching workout sets. This top from Lululemon was seen in another meal video recently.

Get it for $58.
Bike shorts
Don't forget the other crucial part of a cute, matching workout set: the bike shorts.

Get a pair starting at $58.
A gold-star vacuum
Mariko is seen using this cult-favorite vacuum in some of her cleaning videos, which are also popular on TikTok. It's another investment, but it's an investment for a reason.

Get one for $799.99.
A steam mop
The deep cleaning videos also feature a steam mop for hardwood floors. If you really want to be like Mariko, add a few drops of essential oils to the mop to keep your place smelling fresh.

Get one for $92.69.
Laundry scent booster
Keep your sheets and clothes from smelling like leftover microwaved salmon with this scent booster you stick directly in the wash. (A similar product is also seen in Mariko's cleaning TikToks.)

Get a bottle for $10.40.
A kitchen cleaner
Finally, keep your stovetop shiny and clean with this popular cleaner. After all, you can't cook like Mariko in a messy kitchen.

Get a bottle for $13.75.

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