Emily Maynard's Sheer Top Steals Jef Holm's Thunder At Birthday Dinner (PHOTOS)

Former "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard and her new finance, Jef Holm, finally get to flaunt their relationship to the world.

And when we say flaunt, we mean flaunt: "Good Morning America," "Jimmy Kimmel," paparazzi shots and even a stagey birthday party for Jef, held on Tuesday at shmancy Abe & Arthur's in New York City. The party gave the pair an opportunity to do some more flaunting -- not of their relationship, but of their skin.

The fashionista, whose style has been described as "hot, sexy and very glitzy," wore a pair a teeny black shorts and black peep-toe heels with a thin black sweater, sheer enough to reveal her entire (black, lace) bra. Her fiance rivaled her in the cleavage department with a super deep v-neck shirt of his own.

Guys, we get it: you're good-looking and telegenic and wholeheartedly enjoying your 15 minutes of fame and glamorous big city moment. And we truly, madly, deeply want to believe ya'll's relationship is the real thing, considering how sweet Jef's love notes were (and how a child's life is also at stake).

But a sheer top like that says "Look at me!" just a bit too loudly, like a hand-written invite mailed directly to the paparazzi.

Check out the new couple below. Do you like Emily's loud style or should the mom keep things more PG?


emily maynard sheer top

emily maynard sheer top

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