Trump's Transition-Blocking GSA Boss Finally Tweeted And It Was Weird As Hell

Emily Murphy fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks and it's not what anyone expected.

General Services Administration chief Emily Murphy, who has refused to authorize the transition process for President-elect Joe Biden, fired off her first tweet in nearly two weeks on Wednesday and it wasn’t what anyone was expecting:

Emily Murphy Tweet
Emily Murphy Tweet

The tweet was ultimately deleted.

President Donald Trump appointed Murphy to the administrator position in 2017. As head of the GSA, she is expected to deliver an apolitical ascertainment naming the “apparent successful candidate” of the presidential election, which in turn begins the process of the transition of power.

To date, Murphy has refused to do so despite Biden’s 306-232 win in the Electoral College and a lead of nearly 6 million ballots in the popular vote.

Murphy has not spoken publicly about her decision, leaving many Twitter critics to guess at what her enigmatic tweet meant:

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