Emily Ratajkowski Hits Back After Book Of Nude Photos Published 'Without Her Permission'

"These photos being used w/out my permission is an example of exactly the opposite of what I stand for."

Emily Ratajkowski is not happy with Jonathan Leder.

The model/actress sent out a flurry of tweets on Wednesday to criticize the recent publication of a series of photographs taken of her in May 2012. The pictures were taken by photographer Jonathan Leder.

Leder’s book, Leder/Ratajkowski, released this week, includes photos that Ratajkowski claims were strictly to be used in an artful magazine shoot. There are 71 “racy” pictures in the collection, several of which are nude.

Ratajkowski says the book is “a violation” and that Leder never got the OK to publish these images from her. She added on Twitter that women should be able to choose when and how they want to “share their sexuality and bodies.” 

Leder has not responded to Ratajkowski's accusations.

We couldn’t agree more, Em.



Emily Ratajkowski