Emily Ratajkowski Named 'Woman Of The Year' In Esquire, Wants To Be A 'Brand'

Emily Ratajkowski:'I Want To Be A Brand'

OK, it's officially time to stop referring to Emily Ratajkowski as "That Model From The 'Blurred Lines' Video."

Congratulations are in order as the stunner nabbed Esquire's democratically determined "Woman of the Year" title (over Jennifer Lawrence, natch), winning with 64.6 percent of readers' votes after a 5-round bracket tournament.

And the award is well-deserved, as Emily's stepping up her career aspirations; the 22-year-old beauty is upping the ante for her acting career and recently landed a rag & bone campaign, proving she's just as good at modeling wearing clothes as she is without them, like Kate Upton before her. Still, Emily's pushing herself harder -- in a recent New York Times interview, she revealed she has very big plans for her career:

"So whether I'm talking about a perfume, a movie or an editorial, there's always a part of it that's about me but an equal part that’s about the project," she said. "I want to be a brand."

We have little doubt that Emily will achieve that far-reaching status with her upcoming role in "Gone Girl" and the Tom Ford campaign she teases in her Times interview. Here's hoping we get to see more of this model's brains in the near future.

And oh, what a brand she'll be:

GQ, November 2013

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