You're Out! Phillies' Ballpark Nuts Vendor Fired For White Nationalist Views

Emily Youcis says "saving the White Race from extinction" is more important than her job.

A popular vendor at the Philadelphia Phillies ballpark has been fired for supporting white nationalism.

Emily Youcis, known as the “Pistachio Girl” who sings while hawking nuts and beer to fans at Citizen Bank Park, was axed because her “values” clashed with those of food concessionaire Aramark, according to a company statement released Monday. 

Youcis confirmed in a tweet that she was fired a week ago, then followed up on Twitter asking: “What’s more important ... selling nuts for a couple more years or saving the White Race from extinction?”

She then doubled down on an anti-Semitic tweet that she insisted wasn’t anti-Semitic:

Youcis on Saturday told Red Ice TV, a media outlet sympathetic to white nationalism, that she has been a fan of the white nationalist “alt-right” movement for about 10 months. She made headlines last month when she confronted protesters outside a Washington, D.C., conference of the white supremacist National Policy Institute, asking them: “Why do you hate white people?” The questioning provoked fury and led to a scuffle.

She attended the conference, where some members hailed Donald Trump with a Nazi salute, igniting a major controversy. “The floodgates opened up,” Youcis laughed on Red Ice.

Youcis had worked at the stadium for seven years and is considering hiring a lawyer to sue to get back her job.

Aramark told Philly.com that a “core value” of the company is “treating everyone with integrity and respect always. We can only confirm that the individual asked about is no longer employed after publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.”

Youcis insisted her firing would hurt the Phillies more than it would hurt her because the fans and baseball players treated her “like a god.”

“I owned that stadium,” she boasted.