If You Love Packed Planes, Emirates' New 615-Seat Jet Is For You

Good luck boarding with 614 other people.

Timid air travelers, take a deep breath: You're about to see the largest capacity commercial plane in the world.

Last week, Emirates debuted a new Airbus A380 that seats a whopping 615 passengers, the most ever on a regularly-scheduled commercial flight. The new jet handily bests the current record of 538 passengers held by Air France, and it looks darn good doing so.

Emirates -- a luxurious airline known for top-notch cabin amenities -- eliminated first class entirely on the plane, along with some business class seats, to make room for 13 more rows of 10 economy seats each on the new A380. But don't worry, the famous bar is still intact:

With just business and economy classes, Emirates' massive new plane is the first two-class A380 in the world. It will begin service between Dubai and Copenhagen on Dec. 1.

Meanwhile, we'll be hanging out in domestic economy class, doin' just fine.

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