Emissary From The Death Star: Lynne Cheney On "Daily Show"

Jon Stewart hosted Lynne Cheney on last night's Daily Show and, where you might have expected him to push her on the general failures of the Bush administration, he sort of...backed off? He appeared, at times, to struggle over what to say, and although he lobbed her some general questions about Iraq and gay marriage, at one point he conceded, "This is very uncomfortable. Only because you know what, here's the thing: You're not your husband, and it's not fair to challenge you on things that aren't you." Maybe it's because she greeted him with a Darth Vader action figure or perhaps because she was generally light-hearted and agreeable throughout the interview, but Stewart seemed both deferential and genuinely respectful towards Cheney -- someone he clearly disagrees with -- and it was interesting (and unusual) to see him struggling in an interview like that for the balance of that respect with what he obviously felt very strongly about putting to his highly-connected guest. It isn't the most crackling interview in the world, but it's interesting insofar is it's one of the rare times that Stewart seems to be wrestling on air, without being completely in control. It was the type of interview that might actually encourage conservatives to join him on The Daily Show more often. That said, he did run the popular feature "You Don't Know Dick" -- but the respectful version, "You Don't Know Richard Cheney." When you don't have anything nice to say, sometimes saying nothing says it all.