<em>Ladies Who Launch</em>: Balance Schmalance

With hundreds of emails a day, social networking more sought after than ever and familial and business demands competing with each other, I find myself asking how does one do it all? And, does one need to?
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The other day a friend told me she had a heard a speaker at the famed Goldenbridge
yoga center in Los Angeles say that "technology has evolved faster than our human
ability to cope with it's implications." My brain went straight to the fact that communication
and life is moving at such a rapid pace -- I wonder how much of it we are really absorbing.

With hundreds of emails a day, social networking more sought after than ever and familial
and business demands competing with each other, I find myself asking the members of
Ladies Who Launch--how do you do it all? And, do you need to?

Jennifer Tuma-Young demystifies the "balance
myth" below, or at least puts a dent in it. Thank goodness someone is acknowledging that "having it all" sometimes just
means having some and savoring whatever "that" is.
Amy Swift, Editor in Chief, www.ladieswholaunch.com


Jennifer Tuma-Young


Finding Your Balance

I know I'm not the only woman in the world who has tried to stretch herself and find balance. I always seem to have a lot of projects going on, with lots to do. I think you all can relate.

It doesn't really matter what phase of life you are in, whether you have children or pets or a spouse or are completely independent; I think everyone has felt pulled in a million directions, struggled with making ends meet, lost weight, gained weight, had their hearts broken, or lost loved ones.

People think because my website is called "Find Balance in You" that I hold the key to calm and balance, but I can tell you one thing I know for certain -- balance is bunk!

OK. Let me explain. Finding balance to me means identifying how to prioritize, juggle, and set goals with a smile on our face or sometimes just without ripping our hair out! It does not mean living with complete serenity and silence. How boring is that?!

Finding balance means doing things to the best of our ability, saying no to things we just can't handle, practicing self-care so we can be the healthiest versions of ourselves possible. And, when times are tough, staying positive, and working hard to pull through by creating a vision, preparing ourselves, and following up with the actions we need to do to see and feel the results we want so we can design our lives. Simple, right?

Let's break it down. Here are some basic tips to help you find balance:

1. Don't Wait For Change to Happen

Sure, we've all said "when I am thinner, when I am healthier I will..." But, remember we are complete, capable, and perfect as we are today; we just have to believe in ourselves and then we can achieve anything! Besides, it's silly to think we can't do something we want to do now. So, see yourself as healthy and balanced today and you will be healthy and balanced. If you see yourself as less than that, you will be less than healthy. We live up to our own expectations of ourselves so set the bar high and soar!

2. Picture Health From the Inside-Out

When something puts a true smile on your face, don't you feel a sense of peace? A good laugh can make anyone's day, so try to put it in perspective. By focusing on what makes us happy, we can handle the tough times so much better! If we concentrate on the negative, the negative will be given unnecessary power. We tend to think of our weight as a sign of health, but that is definitely not always the case! Your vision should not only include your size/weight, but also your vitality, energy, attitude. Feel your heart beating strong, your blood sugars stable, your body utilizing food as fuel, and digesting well. See healthy relationships at home, at work, with your friends and family. Visualize yourself smiling, laughing, and jumping for joy!

3. Mini-Goals Make the Map

Once you clearly see what you want, it's easier to live well! Hey, you need a destination when you get in your car for a road trip, right? And, if you don't know how to get there, you may even bring a map, too. If you try to overhaul everything at once, you can easily become overwhelmed and risk burnout ... Just take a look at your current state versus your desired state. Fill the gaps from where you are to where you'd like to be. If you feel stuck in a rut, or as if something is missing, create a vision for yourself. Anything is possible if you just plot out a pleasant path to change, and take the steps!!

4. Manage Your Time (so it doesn't run you down)

Sometimes we feel like a rat on a wheel. The days go by so quickly, we go through the motions, sleep, and begin again! Ugh! It's tiring me out just blogging about it! Instead, break down your schedule. Write it out- use a journal, daytimer, or spreadsheet to identify where your time is going. You can usually figure out how to best combine things, prioritize, and make changes once it's all laid out in front of you. And, if all your time is going to work, maybe it's time to ask for a raise or spruce up that resume (or launch your OWN business! Check out www.ladieswholaunch.com.


I am a 32 year-old Personal Transformation Coach, Speaker, Writer who has lost over 125 pounds and overcame borderline diabetes. My philosophy is simple- create a vision for yourself, do the preparation work, take action, and see results so you can be the best version of yourself possible! I'm a regular girl, wife, and mother with a "real" approach to life! I utilize my experience and expertise to offer tips, tools, and motivation for the average person. I am like a project manager for life and well-being!

I've appeared on over 300 radio, television, internet, and news programs including Rachael Ray, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and Diet TV. I was known as "Coach Jenn" on Rachael Ray, and also contributed to one of the most successful blogs on their website, "The Weight Loss Challenge". I have been interviewed for many magazines, newspapers, and radio stations across the country such as ABC Radio, LIME, and Women's World. I am a professional blogger for Gannett's Central Jersey Moms, "Ask the Expert", and Yahoo's Women's site Capessa. I just recently finished a national media tour based on a blog I wrote, entitled "Turning Failure into Success". My website (www.findbalanceinyou.com) includes audio/video/pictures and links.

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