Emma Jones, British Teacher, Killed Herself After Naked Photos Posted On Facebook

An inquest into the death of a British teacher in Abu Dhabi has been told that the 24-year-old killed herself after her ex-boyfriend posted naked photos of her on Facebook.

Jones, a teacher at an international school, had told her mother she was worried about being jailed after the photos were put on the social networking site. She had apparently begun to pack for a return to her home country when she drank corrosive cleaning fluid and died.

"He put a memory stick in the computer and copied some indecent images of Emma," said Jones's mother, Louise Rowlands, talking of the ex-boyfriend.

"He put them on her Facebook and she said she was accused of prostitution by a man working at the school."

Jones had been working at the school since 2008, teaching 8-year-old children. She feared extreme punishment under the restrictive Abu Dhabi regime, her mother told the inquest.

However, Jones's former boyfriend, IT worker Jamie Brayley, denied the accusations, saying that they were a "complete fantasy".

"Emma never sent me any indecent images," he told the court. "She wasn't that type of character."

The coroner did not place blame on Brayley, and recorded an open verdict, expressing some doubt about the nature of Jones's death. Noting that the clothes were packed and Jones had her passport in her back pocket, the coroner said "That's not someone who is contemplating suicide."