Emma Roberts On Aerie Unretouched Ads: 'Real Doesn't Mean Flawed, Real Is Sexy'

Emma for Aerie = awesome.

Lingerie brand Aerie released the first in a planned series of unretouched celebrity ads on Monday and the results are absolutely stunning. Featuring actress Emma Roberts, the ads are part of the brand's "Real" initiative that aims to "challenge supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models."

Ali Mitton

Roberts announced her involvement with the project in July, and her ads will debut in stores on September 3.

“Partnering with Aerie was a natural fit for me because #AerieREAL is a message I personally identify with, particularly being in an industry that is quick to judge flaws,” Roberts said in a press release. “I feel so honored to be part of a movement that reassures women that real doesn’t mean flawed - real is sexy, real is cool.”

Check out all of her Aerie ads below:

Ali Mitton
Ali Mitton
Ali Mitton
Ali Mitton
Ali Mitton

According to an Aerie press release, Roberts celebrated her campaign at an intimate dinner with friends last week.

So happy to be celebrating my unretouched @aerie campaign with all my closest friends tonight #aerieREAL

A photo posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Aerie's Instagram account also featured a picture of its celeb star on her special night, saying "No retouching. No Hollywood lights. Emma Roberts, our first #AerieREAL celeb."

No retouching. No Hollywood lights. Emma Roberts, our first #AerieREAL celeb!

A photo posted by aerie (@aerie) on

To see more of Aerie's original "Real" ads, go here.

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