Queer Voices

'Emma,' Short Film, Explores Nature Of Identity

A powerful short film hit the web this week that explores the nature of identity across the queer spectrum.

Called "Emma," the two-minute short comes from filmmakers Jose Angel Saenz and Kyle Morck and examines the way that socially constructed gender roles impact the lived realities of queer individuals.

"The struggles that LGBT community members face daily are human struggles," Saenz told The Huffington Post in an email. "The gender constructs society forces upon us negatively affect everyone. But generally the day-to-day oppression of these constructs is not coming from a place of malice, but from people close to those affected that are just unthinking or uninformed. Our hope with Emma was that we could strip down those issues and maybe help show people what it looks like at its core.

As allies, Kyle Morck and I have both witnessed this day-to-day oppression. We knew we couldn’t speak for others so we wanted to create a tool that could help them spark a conversation. Emma has its roots there."

Check out "Emma" above.