Emma Stone Explains Exactly How She Handles Her Anxiety

"There's a lot I can do to help myself."

Props to Emma Stone for seeking help for anxiety.

The Oscar winner opened up in a new video from the Child Mind Institute about how methods like therapy and meditation help her manage the condition, which she’s been dealing with since childhood. Her account is a candid and inspiring message about the power of seeking treatment.

[Anxiety] has always been something that I’ve lived with and flares up at different times in my life, but sometimes while it’s happening, like when I’m in a phase of real turmoil or the anxiety is very strong, it feels like it’s never going to end ― and [then] it does,” she said. “There are so many tools you can learn for it that have led to me living a pretty normal, exciting and vibrant life.”

Stone went on to explain that she feared she’d never be able to move away from home because of the mental health issue. She credits cognitive behavioral therapy, a psychotherapy technique that helps people replace harmful thoughts with healthy ones, for helping her deal with her disorder.

And research shows it works: A recent study found that walking through the steps of CBT with a therapist can rewire the brain to engage in healthier thought patterns.

“It’s nice to know in those moments of real intensity that [the anxiety] will shift, and it will change, and there’s a lot I can do to help myself,” Stone said.

If you’re one of the 40 million American adults with an anxiety disorder, there’s no shame in asking for help to learn about tools that can make things better. And cheers to this superstar for being so open about her own techniques.

Check out Stone’s video on Child Mind Institute’s Facebook page to hear her full story.

As part of May’s Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re focusing on treatment and the stigma around getting help. Check out our coverage here and share your story at strongertogether@huffingtonpost.com.

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