Emma Stone Proves She's Also A Great Dancer In New Music Video

This is far from superbad.

So you think Emma Stone can dance? Well, you're right.

The actress cut a rug around the historic Queen Mary as the ship's "Lady in White" ghost for a new music video choreographed by Ryan Heffington, of Sia's "Chandelier" fame. The video is for the single "Anna" from Arcade Fire frontman, Will Butler. 

The video was also made to promote California tourism, and Stone's jittering phantom certainly could make you want to shout "California here we come" at the top of our lungs.

Also, ghosts can wear cool sunglasses now.


She's like a rolling stone.


A moment just for an inevitable "Emma Stone Pole Dances" headline.


The full music video. 

For behind-the-scenes photos, go to ArcadeFireTube.


H/T Vulture

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