Emma Stone Hits The Streets With Billy Eichner And Shares Her Horror Movie Face

"Billy on the Street" returns after more than a year off, with Eichner harassing the actress about not having an Instagram.

“Billy on the Street” is back and just as ridiculous as ever.

Host Billy Eichner is joined by Emma Stone in the newest installment, the first since February 2017. In it, he spends over five minutes hilariously screaming at strangers about Stone’s absence on Instagram.

The Oscar winner trailed Eichner as he shoved his microphone in the faces of passersby, asking them things like, “Which is your favorite Emma Stone movie?” or “What do you want?”

It gets particularly awkward when one “fan” says his favorite Stone film is “Harry Potter,” a film in which Stone does not appear. (Emma Watson is the Emma in those films.)

The highlight of this episode is toward the end when Eichner asks a fan if Stone should star in horror movies. She replies, “I want to see that Emma Stone face in a horror movie.”

Naturally, Eichner asks her to show off her “scared” face for an uncomfortably long time.

When she’s done, the fan says: “It’s good.” Bless Emma Stone for her willingness to play along. You can watch the madness above.



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