Emma Stone: Why Jim Carrey (And Everyone Else) Finds Her So Irresistible (PHOTOS)

By now, we all know that Jim Carrey LOVES Emma Stone. But do we know why?

Sure, she's beautiful, talented, and seems like the girl next door but a million times better. But is that enough to make Carrey, and frankly, everyone in the world, go all Tom Cruise over her?

Since we here at HuffPost Comedy are, first and foremost, investigative journalists, we did some digging and uncovered some remarkable facts about this red-haired -- most of the time -- ingenue who has stolen the hearts of pretty much everyone who has ever laid eyes on her. After taking a look at our findings, you'll understand exactly why she's driven Mr. Carrey so completely gaga.

Why Jim & Everyone Else Loves Emma Stone

And in case you missed it, here's a quick look at Jim's lovelorn message to Emma: