Emma Stone, Olivia Wilde Headline Revlon Run/Walk For Women 2012 In Matching Blonde Hair (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Can YOU Tell Them Apart?

The Entertainment Industry Foundation and Revlon sponsored the annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women on Saturday, raising money for cancer research, treatment, counseling and outreach programs.

Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde were on hand to kick off the race in New York, along with Jimmy Fallon. The pair not only showed up in matching yoga pants and similar sweaters, but their hair looked startlingly similar.

Emma, a natural blonde who often masquerades as a redhead, has been blonde for about a month now, and Olivia, normally a brunette, has spent at least the past couple weeks as a towhead too.

Both actresses represent Revlon as global brand ambassadors (remember these gorgeous ads?), so maybe going blonde was in their contracts? Kidding. We think.

Check out Emma and Olivia's hair below. Who do you think looks better as a blonde?

emma stone olivia wilde

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