Emma Stone’s Reaction To Lily Gladstone’s SAG Awards Win Has Fans Losing It

The two women have competed as actors at multiple awards ceremonies in recent months — and are both up for the same Oscar next week.

Emma Stone might’ve lost Saturday at the SAG Awards, but she won hearts and minds.

The “Poor Things” star was nominated for Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture that evening but lost to “Killers of the Flower Moon” breakout star Lily Gladstone. Stone was not only happy about that but trended on social media for her effusive reaction.

While both actors are frontrunners in the Academy Awards this year, Gladstone could make history as the first Native American to win a competitive Oscar. Stone, who already won an Oscar for “La La Land” (2017), was ecstatic not to dampen those chances.

One user on X, formerly Twitter, wrote, “this is what sisterhood looks like. people need to stop acting like these women hate each other and celebrate two amazing performances.” Another commented, “Emma Stone is a girl’s girl.”

Stone was certainly overjoyed when her name was called at the Golden Globes in January — and delivered a gracious speech that nonetheless landed her in trouble — but has developed a close and endearing friendship with her newfound awards season rival.

“My Infinity Stones ring — Emma Stone has the same one,” Gladstone told Vanity Fair last week about her new ring.” She sent this to me yesterday, and then she sent me a picture of her wearing the same one because we became fast friends in this whole process.”

Saturday's win marked Gladstone's first-ever Screen Actors Guild award.
Saturday's win marked Gladstone's first-ever Screen Actors Guild award.
Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Gladstone has Blackfeet and Nez Perce ancestry and starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the historical Martin Scorsese crime drama. The film, based on David Grann’s 2017 book, centers on the real-life killings of Osage Nation tribal members in 1920s Oklahoma.

It delivered Scorsese’s 10th Oscar nod for directing — and Gladstone’s first as an actor.

“It’s truly a gift that we get to do this for a living,” she said at the SAG Awards. “That’s the win … It’s so easy to close off to stop feeling, and we all bravely keep feeling, and that humanizes people … Keep speaking your truths, and keep speaking up for each other.”

Social media users are certainly doing just that, in anticipation of the Oscars on March 10.

“I’m sure Emma prepared at home to be as happy if Lily or her got it, and honestly good for her for doing that,” wrote one user on X. “That’s great sportsmanship. They both towered this year this could have gone either way - still could at the Oscars.”

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