Emma Stone Talks Jim Carrey's Uber-Fan Video In New York Magazine

Though the YouTube video of Jim Carrey gushing over Emma Stone and the "chubby, freckly babies" they might have would terrify anyone else, Stone was "so flattered" to learn that she was the object of the much older comedian's desire.

And New York magazine's cover girl admits the feelings aren't so one-sided:

"Right before that video came out, we were at the MTV Movie Awards. Jason Sudeikis hosted … There was like five of us, and we just went on this tangent of talking nice behind Jim Carrey’s back. Jason was talking about how great [Carrey] was when he went to 'Saturday Night Live' and how he was just like a comedic genius. Everyone was kind of weighing in, like ‘He’s the best. He’s amazing.’ And so when that happened, we all kind of talked to each other like, 'Weird, that was the guy we were lauding for, like, 30 minutes.' Have you ever done that?” she asks, looking at me earnestly. “Just all sat around a table saying nice things about one person? It was the greatest thing. You walk away, and you were just like, That felt so good, to talk about how wonderful someone is."

Speaking nicely behind someone's back in an industry swimming with frenemies, Stone is certainly not your typical leading lady. But perhaps that's why she's set to take the throne as America's newest sweetheart. With two major magazine covers in one month -- Stone is also Vogue's July cover girl -- and a summer blockbuster about to hit theaters, Stone is at least poised to take top honors in our "we could totally be best friends" inner-monologue.

Click over to New York to read Stone's entire interview.

emma stone jim carrey

emma stone jim carrey

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