Emma Stone Is Dying To Be On HBO's 'True Detective'

We all know Emma Stone as America's favorite funny girl but that might be changing soon.

The actress, famous for her roles in comedies like "Superbad" and "Easy A" has something a bit darker in mind for her next project. "That would be amazing," Stone told Vogue when asked if she'd be up for a role in the second season of HBO's "True Detective." The first season of popular crime drama featured Matthew McConaughey and Stone's former co-star Woody Harrelson as detectives in Louisiana on the trail of a serial killer.

It might be hard to picture Stone on the thrilling, gritty show -- it's less raunchy comedy and witty dialogue, and more climatic gunfights and satanic cult action -- but that didn't stop her from revealing who she'd like to share the small screen with when Season 2 airs.

"I would do True Detective with Kristen Wiig in a heartbeat," Stone said.



"True Detective"