Emma Sullivan, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Tweeter, Bullied At School

Kansas Gov. Tweeter Bullied At School

Emma Sullivan couldn't have expected the national attention her disparaging tweet about Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback would receive, but that's exactly what she got.

Now, it seems the student's troubles are continuing, with Sullivan telling Politico she's being bullied by her classmates in the wake of the incident.

The high school senior, who tweeted that Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback "sucked," initially faced pressure from her principal to apologize to governor. But it was Sullivan who eventually received an apology from Brownback, who said his office "overreacted" to the tweet.

Politico highlighted some examples of the online abuse directed at Sullivan:

"A Twitter hashtag set up against her contains numerous expletives, including one user, @PoundShop_Zoe, who calls her a 'whore' multiple times. 'When Emma Comes back she should be forced to go to north #HopeYourHappy... Whore,' he writes.

But Sullivan, who attracted a wave of support in the form of more than 12,000 new Twitter followers following incident, says she's taking the bullying in stride.

"It is just bullying, and I'm trying not to take it to heart because that's what they want me to do," she told Politico on Tuesday. "I'm getting a lot of negative attention locally, and that's a lot to deal with. The students at my high school are being really bad about the situation - it just sucks that they don't support me at all in any of this."

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