Emma Watson Still Takes Style Cues From Her Hermione Granger Days

Has Emma Watson's Style Changed Since Her Hermione Days?

Recently, everyone has been talking about what a style icon Emma Watson is. The British babe has shed her "Harry Potter" image in favor of something a little more sophisticated ... or has she?

Though the Internet seems to think that Watson's fashion chops are new, it seems like the actress' style choices haven't changed that much. And we have proof.

In honor of her 25th birthday, we're taking a look at her style back in the day, compared to what she is wearing now. And trust us, things haven't really changed...

Though she never blends in, Watson has been a fan of camouflage for some time now.


She knows that when in doubt, a simple black dress is always a safe bet.


A brown leather jacket works at 12 years old and at 23 years old.

brown leather

A military jacket is as timeless as it is stylish.


She has never been afraid of being the center of attention in a printed dress.


Though many shy away from off-the-shoulder silhouettes, Watson has made it one of her signatures.

off shoulder

Soft ruffles are perfect for a young teen, but they also add a feminine touch for a young adult.


Teal doesn't work on everyone, but it definitely agrees with Emma.


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Emma Watson's Style Evolution


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