Emma Watson In 'Beauty And The Beast': Guillermo Del Toro Film In The Works

Having just wrapped up a modern day fantasy of epic proportions, Emma Watson is reportedly eyeing a more classic land of make believe for one of her next projects.

"Crazy, Stupid, Love.," producer Denise Di Novi told ComingSoon.net that Watson is lined up to star in director Guillermo Del Toro's new adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast," which Di Novi is developing. It'd be the first undisputed lead role for Watson; she's due to star in the ensemble of the teen drama adaptation, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," and has a supporting role in the Michelle Williams-starring "My Week With Marilyn."

What it means for Watson's studies -- she plans on going to Oxford this fall -- remains to be seen.

Watson told Vogue in June that she identified so deeply with her Hermione Granger character that, "I'm literally rediscovering what it means to be an actress."

As for Del Toro, the director is currently working on "Pacific Rim," a sci-fi robots vs. aliens film. He's largely been known for his violent, comic book-style films, including the "Hellboy" series, though "Pan's Labyrinth" had a fairy tale -- albeit haunted -- feeling to it. He's also listed as a producer of an upcoming adaptation of "Pinocchio," seemingly making him the master of twisted takes on stories once made family friendly by Disney.

He was also supposed to direct "The Hobbit," but the job has fallen back to "Lord of the Rings" trilogy director Peter Jackson.