Emma Watson Pole Dances In 'Bling Ring' Scene (VIDEO)

Emma Watson continues to shy away from her typically "good girl" image, and embraces her naughty side by showing off her pole dancing skills in the a new clip from "The Bling Ring."

The film, directed by Sofia Coppola is based on the true story of a group of Los Angeles teens who broke into celebrity homes — including those of Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan — and stole jewelry, clothing and electronics.

In the clip, Watson and her friends are in the midst of raiding an unidentified celebrity's closet (though it's clearly intended to be Paris Hilton's) before showing off her pole dancing moves in the star's "night club room" (it's a known fact that Hilton has a nightclub room with a stripper pole in her Beverley Hills home).

In a recent interview with MTV News, the 22-year-old former "Harry Potter" star revealed that it was her co-star Claire Julien, who taught her how to rock the pole.

"Claire actually taught me a bunch of moves," Watson said, prompting Julien to insist she's no pro when it comes to the stripper pole either.

"It was my first time. I just wanted to try it," Julien said.

Watson actually took pole dance lessons for the film, which she found physically taxing, and added that the sexy moves didn't come naturally.

"You have to be very physically strong to hold your own body weight, and I really didn't have that core strength initially, so that was pretty intimidating," Watson told MTV. "And, also, I'm just a really awkward sexy person, so basically the scene turned into me just messing around because I think Sofia thought, 'We need to give her a break.'"



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