Emma Watson Unmasks To Reveal Sofia Vergara

What if Emma Watson was really just Sofia Vergara in costume? What if the Colombian bombshell wanted to explore a different career route, one that would allow her to smash one box office after another with "Harry Potter" and "The Bling Ring" and "Noah"? -- all alongside "Modern Family," of course.

What if?

spooky got gif

Let it sink in for a while ... now let us explain.

The enchanting GIF surfaced on imgur recently and its back story makes perfect sense: the people of the Internet just got a little bored.

It all started with a rather creepy video, posted in 2011, in which a woman by the name of Kerry Johnson demonstrates the application and removal of a full head and torso silicone mask. Johnson has been creating and selling these masks for almost 20 years.

Another YouTuber stumbled upon the video and posted their own version of it this past weekend, in which "Emma Watson" unmasks to reveal "Sofia Vergara." All through computer work and facial overlay, of course.

But hey, it was fun to play what if.

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