Emma Watson Was 'Taken Aback' By 'Emotional' And 'Vulnerable' Rupert Grint Moment

The two "Harry Potter" stars shared a teary conversation during the "Return to Hogwarts" reunion.

Emma Watson has opened up about the moment of the recent Harry Potter reunion she found “the most emotional” to film.

The actor, who played Hermione Grainger in the wizarding movie franchise, said she was “taken aback” by co-star Rupert Grint’s vulnerability in a scene they shared together.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson
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In the “Return To Hogwarts” special, which marked the 20th anniversary of the first film’s release, Emma and Rupert were seen in tears as they discussed their shared history.

“That was the most emotional moment for me,” she said in an interview with British Vogue.

“When Rupert says things, he really means them. I was taken aback by how vulnerable and kind he was deciding to be so publicly.

“Similarly for Dan [Radcliffe, who played Harry], it really touched me how reflective he had been over the years about how different it had been for me as a girl.”

Emma with Rupert Grint during the Harry Potter reunion
Emma with Rupert Grint during the Harry Potter reunion

Emma also said she found the reaction to her admission she fell in love with co-star Tom Felton on set “sweet”.

She had previously said of the Draco Malfoy actor: “I walked into the room where we were having tutoring, the assignment we had been given was to draw what you thought God looked like.

“Tom had drawn a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard and I just don’t know how to say it, I just fell in love with him.”

Emma added that she would “definitely” be up for taking part in another reunion for the 40th anniversary.

Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts is still available to stream on NOW.

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